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Here, as immigration consultants who have been guiding students for nearly a decade, we do not make false promises and neither do we give unsolicited advice. Once you come to us with your proposition of studying abroad, we take it step by step and lead you to the right path and college/university of your dream. We have a team of dedicated and competent counselors who will mentor students in visa applications, calculations for finances, and loan requirements. The visa application process, though looks simple from afar has a lot of nitty-gritty details to it that an experienced hand can handle, this is where we come into the picture.

Why study in Australia ?

When any student nurtures the dream of studying abroad, he/she isn’t the only one who has envisioned the dream but their entire family. We at Aggarwal Immigration Consultants, understand and work and guide you accordingly when you apply for a Student Visa to Australia. Right from filing the documentation of the student to a short listing of the varsity and putting all the details and finances correctly, getting our students brushed up for the visa interview. Any good consultation firm keeps itself briefed on the latest policy procedures so that the visa file goes through seamlessly, Aggarwal Consultants do the same for you so that your file gets through without any glitches. So, whenever you plan to study abroad and give your career a boost with a good degree from a foreign land, you know whom to contact, we are there to guide you with our rewarding record.

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