General Skilled Migration

Many among you harbor the dream of settling abroad, having a good quality of life, and making a career there. The first step towards it going abroad and those of you who have a skill in hand after completion of your studies can always apply for general skilled migration. Even countries like Australia welcome students who apply for this Visa after completing of their studies. Nevertheless, there’s a procedure and paperwork required to qualify and file for the same.

Aggarwal Immigration Consultants can guide you through the entire process to make it happen for you. This comes across as a good opportunity for your growth and career to take a fast track. We can direct you to apply as a skilled migrant or a skilled worker applicant to work and live in Australia. Our well-qualified and experienced team at Aggarwal Immigration Consultants can guide you well on how to use your previous work experience, educational qualification, language skills, and extracurricular to build up immigration requirements to make your dream of a permanent Visa take shape. There are many sub-categories that we cater to when it comes to applying for general skilled migration; we can find the appropriate category and functionality according to your skills to suit you in the best manner.