Parent Visa

Parent Visa enables any migrant to call their parents to stay with them when they are putting up in Australia for a long duration for any reason; be it studies or work. Like any other visa, this too has certain prerequisites which you need to fulfill once you file for the visa. Aggarwal Immigration Consultants understand how important it is for you to have your family next t you, this is why we take you through the entire process very minutely for there is no lack of anything when the file reaches its final stage.

There are a few basics you need to know before you file for the visa that can be entertained only if you are an Australian citizen and have permanent residency in Australia. As a sponsor, you must meet the household and other basal requirements. When you sponsoring for your parents to come down to Australia and stay with you, there will be two sets of applications which you can seek support from Aggarwal Immigration Consultants to submit. One for sponsorship and the second for visa application, therefore, the person needs to be approved as a sponsor before the visa application can be filed.

Like this, there are many concerns that you need to keep in mind and plan accordingly, especially when it comes to your financials. The maximum stay which can be granted is for ten years, so for this and much more, you can approach us for the best help and guidance.