Health Insurance

Health insurance is a major prerequisite for moving and settling into Australia. The next step is the exercise of choosing just the right one which fits your requirement and pocket. Aggarwal Immigration Consultants’ role comes in there. We select and shortlist a few health insurance packages that can just fit appropriately into your lifestyle and budget.

Even the Australian government, as a policy, encourages all those who visit or intend to stay for longer periods to apply for health insurance to meet their health care requirements. Most importantly when you come as a student, it is mandatory to get health insurance coverage from an Australian health insurance provider.  There are numerous government and private health websites which can provide you with various health packages, so you can aptly decide which one meets your requirement. There are specific health insurance types to meet different kinds of visas and Aggarwal Immigration Consultants can help you to decide which one is the most appropriate for you. If you are on a Student visa, then overseas student health coverage will suit you the best. For any type of visa which doesn’t have any specific requirements, it is best to check overseas visitor health cover from an Australian or any international insurer, and then there’s Australian residents’ private health insurance too.